Opelika teen competing in the Young Entrepreneur’s Academy regional finals

 By: Dorothy Sherman

OPELIKA, AL – It’s a start-up company called “RecMed First Aid Kits” that’s keeping 13-year-old C.E.O. Taylor Rosenthal busy with business.

“…our main goal is to get first aid supplies where ever kids can get hurt…so we could deduct like kids having…getting even worst infections cause they don’t have anything and that was our main goal…and through the vending machine…we can make that happen…” Rosenthal said.

Rosenthal started RecMed as part of an entrepreneur class at Opelika Middle School.  His business sells first aid kits and trainer bags geared toward young athletes, parents and coaches at sporting events.

Rosenthal, an athlete himself, said the idea came from a brainstorming session between him and his parents who both work in the medical field.

“…I’ve never heard of anybody that goes in it…actually sits out at youth sporting events to sell them…and I mean I see it all the time…kids getting hurt at the ball fields playing baseball or something…and parents just go crazy…” Rosenthal said.

The young businessman’s company has since been accepted into an incubation program at The Round House Startup Space in Opelika.  A place for business mentorship and development.

“…he’s really serious about his business…we…when we worked over winter break we had to kick him out on christmas eve…so he could spend christmas with his family…same thing happened on…you know…for new years…” Founder of The Round House, Kyle Sandler said.

Hard work has already paid-off for the teen.

Sandler said Rosenthal came up with an idea to sell his kits in vending machines.  Now, Eco ATM and Redbox is working with Rosenthal to get his idea to market.

“..since he’s 13 and not 25…he doesn’t know like those round machines where things just fall to the ground…he’s more used to Redbox…so we made a couple of calls and now we have a computer aided robotic vending machine in the works…” Sandler said.

As for Rosenthal, he said the vending machines would be for places like amusement parks, and said he’s already been talking business with Six Flags officials.

This weekend the Rosenthal will be representing his business and the state of Alabama in the regional finals of the Young Entrepreneur’s Academy competition.  If Rosenthal wins this weekend he will get to go to the national competition and if he wins it all Rosenthal will get to go on the reality T.V. show “Shark Tank”.