Scholar Athlete: Grey Norton

Grey Norton has been playing baseball for thirteen years. A second baseman with Smiths Station, he’s enjoying his senior season with a team he calls his family.

“We all love each other and love to go compete for each other,” Norton said.

As part of a Panther team who’s had their ups and downs, Norton says he’s learned quite a bit from competing in the sport all these years.

“It’s definitely taught patience and it’s taught me how to deal with failure and how to keep going,” he said.

They’re lessons that also apply in the classroom. Norton currently holds a 3.75 GPA. He’s a scholar athlete in the eyes of his school and takes pride in being able to excel in both athletics and academics.

“Knowing that you’re gonna be able to go out there and play and not have to worry about anything else is a good feeling,” Norton said.  “The teachers always help out the athletes a lot and they help maintain the grades and help us do the extra things we need to do.”

Norton is taking those lessons in the classroom and on the field to the next level. Earlier this week, he signed a letter of intent to play baseball at Chattahoochee Valley Community College. For Norton, it’s a good feeling knowing he’s not only continuing his education, but has the opportunity to continue his athletic career.

“It’s very relieving knowing you have somewhere else to go and something else to do,” he said. “Not to mention, play the sport you love for two or three more years.”

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