Cold wx tips for upcoming cold front

By: Paris Holmes – Columbus, GA. – The winter season is almost over but that’s not before a blast of cold weather hits the Chattahoochee Valley.

“It’s been a roller coaster ride when it comes to our temperatures. On Saturday we go warm, on Sunday we got cold and now it’s going to get very very cold, maybe some of the coldest temperatures we ever seen of the seen,”says WLTZ Weatherman, Miller Robson. 

A cold front is coming, dropping temperatures down, maybe even below freezing.

“It’s cold out here. The wind is blowing.. Got me all bundled up walking down Macon Road trying to get where I’m going and stay there,” says Columbus resident, Tomarkius Collins.

And while you’re home trying to stay warm there are some things you need keep in mind.   First, don’t forget to keep your pipes dripping so they don’t freeze.

“You can also turn the heat up in your house as well. Leave the cabinet doors open under sinks otherwise the cabinet doors keep the heat out,”says plumber, Sam Buehler.

If you pipes do freeze, all is not lost, Buehler says all you need is a simple hair dryer.

“Turn the faucet on…then you’ll start applying heat from the hair dryer on the faucet going back,” says Buehler.

And don’t let this little cold front kill your plants.

“Maybe use some plastic or trash bag to keep them covered,” says landscaper, Richard Mitchell.

And protect your furry family members by bringing them indoors, and if you can’t experts say make sure they’re in a dry draft-free shelter.   Make sure the shelter is raised a few inches off the ground with it’s floors covered in straw.