Five injured in Tuskegee house party shooting

 By: Dorothy Sherman

TUSKEGEE, AL – Tuskegee University student Chris Hunt said he was at his neighbor’s house party when five people were shot Sunday morning.

“…I don’t know what happened…I was upstairs listening to my Will Smith CD and I just heard a whole bunch of shots and stuff…I didn’t know what was going on…”

The shooting came as a surprise.  Hunt said he thought the gunfire was part of the music he was listening to until he saw people running from the party.

“…I chilled…you run out you probably gonna get shot so ain’t no point of running out…so I mean i just chilled in the room…”

The incident didn’t happen far from Tuskegee University’s campus.  Just a less than a mile walk to the campus bookstore and right next to the university tennis courts.

Tuskegee Police Chief Lester Patrick said a couple of male Tuskegee students live in the home.

The shooting, Chief Patrick said was an isolated incident that may have been sparked by an argument.  Three females and two men were injured. One was grazed by a bullet and another shot five times.  Four victims were treated at a hospital, but as of last checked two remain in hospital care.

In press release Tuskegee University is asking students and the community to exercise caution as they’re working with city police during the investigation, and have counseling services available for students affected by the incident.

As for Hunt it seems he’s not affected at all by the shooting, and says the incident won’t sway him from going to any other parties.