Local woman wears pink everyday for Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and there are a host of activities throughout the month to remind people to get your breast checked.
But what about the rest of the year, there’s a woman who’s a walking reminder of awareness everyday.

“I wear pink everyday,” said cancer survivor Sharyel Perry.

Meet Sharyel Perry. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and she doesn’t mind talking about it.

“First of all its a conversation starter, but its also a reminder to anyone that comes in contact to me to remember what i went through to remember the struggle that I had and remember I came close too many times and how god brought me through,” said Perry 

And Perry doesn’t want anyone, woman or man, to have her experience

I did 6 treatments, of radiation, I mean chemotherapy, and after I finished chemotherapy I did 37 treatments of radiation, I did have a lumpectomy originally and then after the radiation, it damaged my breast so bad that they throughout another form of breast cancer came back.  So they ran some test to make sure the cancer didn’t come back in another form, in the process of doing that the other breast had some additional cysts that weren’t there before, so i made the choice to go ahead and have a double mastectomy,” said Perry.

So she wears pink. Pink earrings, pink purses, pink shoes, pink anything to remind everyone, especially women to know their breast.

“The important part is knowing your breast. When your doctor, whoever your GYN is or general practitioner, when they feel you ask them what type of breast tissue do I have,” said Perry.

And when you’re home conducting your own self breast exam…

“Think of your breast as a clock, you got 12 o’clock, you’ve got 6 o’clock, you’ve got 3 o’clock. So when you go around, you do your self-exam as you’re feeling, and you feel a lump, you’ll remember i felt that lump at 2 o’clock, i felt that lump at 7 o’clock. So every time you go back and check, you’ll be checking for that. You’ll remember at 3 o’clock i felt something, i felt something at 2. When something is different that’s when you’ll go back and talk to your doctor,” said Perry.

Fortunately, Perry is now cancer free, but she’s still coping with the effects cancer has had on her body,

“Now, I’m just trying to recover from everything,” said Perry.

But with the support of her family and friends has maintained a positive attitude and uses it to stay on her pink mission.

If you want to hear more of Perry’s story, she will be speaking at Body of Christ Church International this Sunday at 10am.