Harris County High teacher arrested for drugs

By Natalie Fultz

HARRIS COUNTY – She’s a ninth and tenth grade literature and composition teacher, but this time, Claudia Bray is being taught the lesson.
“We had heard that there was some trafficking going on in the house,” Sheriff Mike Jolley says.

And, there was, and not just a little sheriff jolley says, but quite a bit of marijuana.

“I would estimate there was some poundage coming out of the house over time,” Jolley says.

A neighbor says this isn’t anything new. She says it’s been going on for about three years and up to 20 cars would go in and out everyday.

After watching the residence over the past few months, Harris County deputies do not believe Bray was the dealer, but think she was fully aware of what was taking place at her home.

“It would have been difficult almost if not impossible for Mrs. Bray to not know what was going on,” Jolley says.

As for Bray’s status with Harris County schools, we called the school district, but they could not be reached.

“The fact that she condones this type of activity in her home with young adults… I don’t think that’s the kind of teacher the majority of citizens in Harris County would want guiding our children,” Jolley says.

Bray’s son, Colton Stephens, has two prior marijuana possession charges in Harris County. At the time of the arrests, Bray’s 14-year-old daughter, a freshman at Harris County, was not at the residence.