Charles Flowers: A Coaching Legend Coaching Freshmen

By Chelsa Messinger

It's 8:30 AM and Smiths Station Coach Charles Flowers is doing what he loves.

“If you don't have a passion for the game, you don't need to do it. If you're doing it for a paycheck you need to do it for something else,” said Flowers.

After winning Two State Titles at Shaw High School, Flowers is a coaching legend around Columbus.

“Once you reach a certain point in your career, and you experience the championships, the maturation of young men, and their development, You want to step away from that scene,” said Flowers.

You won't find him on the sidelines at a big SEC school. You won't find him on the manicured grass at Smiths Station High school.

You'll find him on a baseball practice field behind Smiths Station Middle School. Charles Flowers is the Head Coach of the Smiths Station Freshman Football Team.

“I don't have an ego. A lot of people have egos when it comes to coaching,” said Flowers. “They want to be coordinator, they want to be head coach. But I've experienced it all.
And he does mean it all. Back in 2012, Flowers legacy was threatened. He was fired at Troup Co. High School amid allegations of illegal recruiting.

“It was shocking,” said Flowers. “And it was a blow. But at the same time, when you build your career on character, and people know what kind of person you are, they know what kind of ethical values you stand for. You really don't understand the things that people do.”

Flowers hasn't given up on the case filed against him, as his counter-lawsuit is still pending. But in the mean time, he's Smiths' Station's greatest resource.


“You learn a lot more in one day. Like a lot more,” said Anthony Ortiz, a Freshman Linebacker at Smiths Station.

“I think we are very lucky to learn some of the stuff he's taught his championship teams,” said Cash Boatner, a Freshman Fullback at Smiths Station.

“We are the feeder system, we run the same offense, same defense, and it all feeds into the high school team,” said Flowers. “Some schools have a disconnect, but not here. It's a huge advantage”
But another stellar win loss record, like his record 161-82 record as a head coach, isn't the reason  Charles Flowers is up at 8:30 in the middle of the summer.

“I think that the relationships that you build in high school sports is so important. And I think that the bond that a high school coach has with his players is unbreakable.”

“He's caring about other people. Everyone on this team knows that he cares about us,” said Boatner. “He'd jump in front of a bullet for us.”

According to Flowers, his biggest accomplishment isn't the two State Titles, or the countless players he's sent to Division I schools and the NFL. It's the impact he's made on shaping players' lives.

“I think I've made an impact. I don't think I have anything to prove,” said Flowers.

“If it ended right now… I would be sad, but I wouldn't have any regrets. I wouldn't do anything differently.”

Flowers and Smiths Station start the season August 30th.