Dee lawnmower

By Dee Armstrong

Most newer lawnmowers are not made for gasoline mixed with ethanol. But, most people don't read the instructions, so they're using gasoline that will eventually break down the engine.

You don't want to use gasoline with ethanol. Ethanol actually corrodes the rubber seals.

If you read the label when you purchase a new lawnmower, it says it on there. So, where to I get gasoline without ethanol? You get it from a marine store.

Also, if you leave the gasoline in the mower until summer it can turn to a kind of gel and when you go to fire up that jell, it works its way into the oil, it will start to smoke and the engine will break down fairly quickly.

If you can't get gasoline without ethanol, you can mix it with a product that will stabilize the ethanol and gets rid of the bad effects.

A lot of people simply put their lawnmowers in the shop once a year as a kind of maintenance ritual, why not learn how to fix some of those problems yourself.

Try not to fill up the lawnmower gas tank, if you're not doing a big lawn. You always want to burn all of it out and not store it.
If you run out in the middle of the lawn, just add a little more, you definitely do not want to store gasoline in your lawnmower tank.

If there is some leftover, you can use a very inexpensive syphon to get it back out and guess what, you can use it in you car, it's still good.

Now that you know you shouldn't use gasoline with ethanol, where do you get it? You can purchase it a marine store or you can purchase an additive that you add to the gasoline to get rid of the effects of the ethanol.

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