Dee cement

By Dee Armstrong

Maintaining a home is like taking care of kids, the work is never done.
When was the last time you inspected for cracks between the bricks on the outside of your house?

I'll show you how a little maintenance now, could save you a lot more work later.

When you have an older house its good sometimes to just walk around outside and check out the walls, look for the tiny cracks the start to appear. And when you find them, here's what you gather together: gloves to protect your hands, screw drivers, goggles for your eyes, a small brush, a rag and of course the Cement Repair.

This is what you do; scrape out the broken mortar with the screw driver and get as much as you can and then use the brush to get into the hole. Then you can brush the sight with your rag to get away any small particles.

This Cement Repair comes with a long narrow tip that allows you to get inside the cracks, so jam it into the crack and press the handle. You can use the screw driver to wipe away the excess.

Now, you can apply this in cold weather too, it's effective up to a low of about 40, and you don't want to apply it in the rain.

If you have a painted wall and want to paint it, you can do that too. So, I paid $5.97 for the Cement Repair, it took less than 15 minutes to do.

Cement Repair is not for big structural problems. There are other products for that; this is for those small cracks that can be repaired before they get bigger.

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