Dee plastic chair

By Dee Armstrong

When do you throw something away and when do you try to clean it and keep it?

That's my challenge this week.

When your favorite plastic lawn chair is still in good shape, but, is really dirty… What do you do?

Here's the challenge, can I bring a dirty chair back to life? Take some things into consideration.

First it is a well made chair that is going to cost you at least $20.00 on sale to replace. On the other hand you'll be cleaning this for about an hour. So, if it's worth it to you, this is what you can do.

I don't like using a lot of bleach because it's so harsh; but, you're going to need it because it works.

Use some dish detergent and a mild abrasive, because the plastic can be scratched. Then spray the bleach and let it sit a few minutes.
Then I put the dish washing liquid on the Brillo pad and scrub.

After you do this last step, it will look a million times better. Not new, but, much much better.

LAst but not least, use car wax once the chair dries and buff it out. The wax will act as a buffer against any future dirt and mold.

The car wax is a really good last step. Make sure the chair is dry before you apply it, and buff it lightly and you'll be surprised how it not only protects, but, brings back some of the shine.


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