Dog saves blind woman from gas leak

Talladega, AL (WBMA) – A seeing-eye dog in Alabama is being hailed as a hero for saving her owner's life. Her name is Pooh the Poodle. 

A burned eyes and throat, the aftermath of a gas leak, an open pilot light in her owner's home.

there is a gas detector, it was potential disaster that had gone
undetected until Nancy Jones got a bit woozy while folding clothes Monday.

Jones says, “The next thing I know Pooh was nudging me to put on her leash she went and got herself.”  

That might not seem like a big deal but… This
took some extra work by Pooh. Mrs. Jones isn't quite sure how Pooh
managed to get more than six feet up in the air to pull this down.

“Brought it to me, made me put it on her and literally drug me out the front door,” Jones explains. 

Being outside Jones realized there was a gas leak inside the home and her dog saved her life.

Jones says, “It's… words can't describe, you really can't.”  

Jones is legally blind and Pooh is her nearly three-and-a-half year old seeing eye dog.

“You don't realize how important these dogs are to visually impaired or the deaf or people who have seizures,” Jones explains.

A life saver.

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