Dee Outlet Covers

By Dee Armstrong

Sometimes just a little change can make a huge difference; outlet covers are so boring, so let's give them some life.

Get our your favorite magazine and find a picture that makes you happy and has the right colors.

Flowers for a bathroom or a bedroom, and even tooth paste for a funky cover for the kid's bathroom.

You will need scissors, glue, and a lacquer to seal it.

are going to trace the outlet over and then cut it out. Use the glue to
cover the back of the picture and spread then cover the outlet. Smooth
out any wrinkles and let it dry.

Now, every time they turn the lights on, the kids are reminded to brush their teeth.

you have old pictures of you and the kids, cover the outlet covers in
your kids room and you'll have something to smile about every time you
enter that room.

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