Dee Garden Tools

By Dee Armstrong

The fourth is a day to grill, enjoy yourself and for many, plant some flowers. But, what do you do  if you left your tools outside and they need some work?

Isn't it frustrating to find out someone left your new garden tools outside in the yard? Now they're rusting and no longer sharp and you need to fix the problem.

I've talked with some gardeners who say trimming and cutting with shears that are dull can actually damage your plants.

You will need a pair of gloves and goggles to protect your hands and eyes, a file, some rags and some oil.

Most of us don't have a big vise to hold the shears, so this is what you do. Open them up and pull the open handles toward you. You'll use your arms for leverage.
I'm looking for the bevel cut which is the angle the blade is cut on. I want to stroke in the angle of the bevel in one direction. 

When you see the clean metal emerging that means it's sharpening. Turn it over to get any dangling metal on the back. Again stroking in one direction until you see clean metal. Now do the same thing to the other blade, remembering to stroke in one direction. Next, take some sand paper and get rid of the rust. Then use some WD 40, which is biodegradable, so it wont hurt your grass if you spill some. Wait a few seconds, wipe it off and it's clean and it's sharp.

If there's a lot more rust you might need to use a wire brush attachment on your drill. But, that a really inexpensive device too.

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