Dee gives blood

By Dee Armstrong

If you become sick and need a blood transfusion, you want to know blood is available.

Well, blood supplies are critically low. In fact, the number of donors is so low I know many of you haven't rolled up your sleeves yet.

You don't have to have an appointment to give whole blood. If you plan to give platelets, you'll need to call first because it is a longer process.

You sign in and then you're given two cards to fill out. One will be mailed to you once you become eligible to give blood again and you are given information about the process. It explains what the process is, who is eligible and answers most of your questions. Then to the medical history room.

You get a mini physical in that room too, blood pressure temperature and a check for you iron levels. If you pass this step it's on to give blood.

I have small rolling veins and I'm wondering what's going to happen. Jasmine has a history of getting blood the first time. She finds I do have small veins, but, she's not discouraged. In fact we try the traditional blood pressure cuff because it gives more pressure.

It only takes ten to 15 minutes to fill the pint bag and then to fill six small vials that will be used to test your blood.

The Red Cross is about 50,000 pints below adequate levels. So far no surgeries have been suspended because of a lack of blood, but, it is a real possibility.

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