Dee Paint Bucket

By Dee Armstrong

Are you putting off doing some painting around the house because of the cost?

Well, I have a wonderful project for you and the kids that will save time and money .

You don't always have to buy a paint tray.

I have some touch up painting to do around the house, so, I went to one of the coolest sites to find a quick and easy project that can help me save money. The site is Pinterest.

I'm making a disposable paint bucket. What does an 89 cent gallon of water have to do with getting some painting done? Well, you'll be refreshed and hydrated when you get through with your next paint job, so drink the water and let's go.

Using a pair of scissors you already have, draw an outline on the side of the carton opposite the handle and let's cut. This is now a portable paint bucket. It's neat because it's easy to carry around.

You can use the edge to get rid of the excess paint and guess what, if you don't have a place for the brush, just use the top.

If you purchase a paint tray it can cost between two dollars to nine dollars for a good one. But, you have to clean them out if you want to keep them. Instead, you can just throw away the jug when you're finished. And its really a cool project for you and the kids.

Of course, if you save your milk cartons you can save a big chunk of change by striking those paint trays off your list.

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