Dee Garden Stones

By Dee Armstrong

Summer is about fun and family and one of the best ways to bring the family together is with a do it yourself project.

I'm going to show you how to make garden stones with the kids that you'll want to keep forever.

Making garden stones creates memories and brings you together. It's creative, so the kids like it and they're durable, so they'll be around a long time.

You begin with regular cement; you can get it at the store for about three or four dollars for a pretty big sized bag.

Have the kids get some rocks from the yard or you can buy stones and marbles from the Dollar Store for just one dollar a bag.

You could even do your dog's paws, just remember to wash them off immediately. You don't want this stuff to dry and you can dry them in the sun which is the quickest way or just let them sit overnight.

These can be paper weights, decorations at work, or even beautiful stones in your garden. This project will make several kids happy for under ten dollars.

The cement will dry a little lighter as it ages; just wipe off any residue on the stones and that's it.

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