Dee Tape

By Dee Armstrong

Summer is around the corner and it's when we do most of our painting around the house.

So, let's save some time and grief. Use painter's tape for clean crisp lines and less clean up.

Unless you're a professional, you're going to need tape to keep crisp clean lines. That is what makes a paint job look professional.

You want to tape your hinges on door, tape your outlets, and around your windows and trim.

Here are the tips that make a difference:

Just wipe the area clean first. Tape doesn't stick as well over dust and work with about two fee lengths because when you stretch it, you also take away some of the sticking power.

Always press down or rub over it to seal it.

A big mistake people make is trying to remove the tape before the paint is dry. That almost never works just wait until the paint dries.

If you will take the time to score along the edge of the tape before you remove it, you will almost guarantee a straight pretty line and then just roll it back. Neat lines are what you want and it pays.

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