Delaying pregnancy until after 35

(NBC News) – Career or family? It's the dilemma many women face.

By the time some women do decide to start a family, they find getting pregnant isn't as easy as they thought it would be.

Danya Bacchus introduces us to women who realized their biological clock was ticking and they didn't have time to be casual about fertility.

It's safe to say Jean Twenge has it all.

A loving husband, three beautiful little girls, and a success career as a renowned sociologist and professor. But she'll tell you it wasn't always like this.

Jean was 34 when she decided she wanted to start a family. Since she was used to being in control of her life, she expected things to go exactly how she planned.

Twenge says, “When you want a baby, you want a baby and it's something you have to wait around for and that's hard to do.”

Jean is like many women who put off having children until their mid to late 30's.

Their biological clock is ticking and many feel they have to move quickly.

Cara Schoenley says, “Absolutely. I was an impatient woman. I think if you want to be pregnant and you're not, you're impatient.”

Cara Schoenly had no problem conceiving her first child at 37.

When she wanted another, their were challenges she wasn't expecting.

Schoenley says, “I was 40. The clock was ticking. It was ticking when I had my first. It was ticking even harder after the miscarriage, the doctor said the chances are low, you'll get pregnant and the chances are high that you'll miscarry again.”

Women like cara are one of the reasons why Jean wrote the book “The Impatient Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant”.

It's based on her own “impatient woman” experience.

In it she details research she used herself… From supplements to ovulation to the best time to do “the baby dance” she debunks the myths.

Twenge says, “Charting, ovulation fertility kits and the fertility monitor are the three most common and if you're really impatient you can use all three at once. Which I did. And it worked.”

Cara says jean's advice also worked for her, she conceived her second child after ten months of trying.

Schoenley says, “I do think the use of the monitor contributed to my pregnancy with my daughter because I was very specific about the times we were having sex and making sure it was at a peak time during the month.”

Now they say, being impatient…

“Obviously with kids, yeah, they do teach you patience in a good way,” Twenge explains.


Schoenley says, “I have patience with my children and I don't know where it comes from. I think God gave it to me.”

According to statistics, one in five women today delays pregnancy until after the age of 35.

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