Toyota launches new Corolla models

Miyagi Prefecture, Japan (NBC News) – Toyota launched new models of its Corolla sedan and station wagon today in Miyagi prefecture, Japan.

The new, more fuel efficient Axio sedans and fielder wagons have been downsized to make them easier to drive in narrow streets and parking lots.

Toyota targeted Japan's elderly consumers with the new models and plans to sell 3,000 Axios and 4,000 Fielders per month.

The Axio starts at around $17,000 and the Fielder begins at around $19,000.

They're reportedly the 11th models since the Corolla's launch in 1966, and Toyota says it's the first complete remodeling of the Corolla since October 2006.

Toyota subsidiary central motor company in Miyagi prefecture near Sendai will manufacture the Axios and Fielders.

The plant experienced a shut down last year due to supply chain disruptions after the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

The company has designated the Tohoku region as its third major domestic manufacturing base in Japan.

Toyota is Asia's biggest car maker, and the Japan automobile dealers association said the company sold nearly 71,000 Corollas in Japan last year.