Dee Resurface

By Dee Armstrong

Want the look of new kitchen countertops without the price? Well, believe it or not it is possible.

I tested a new paint product, in case you're looking for new counters for much less than half the price.

Krylon is one of the most trusted spray paints around. It goes on easy, lasts and is very inexpensive.

I tested it on a piece of laminate first.

Use TSP, a cleaning powder to get it super clean, wear gloves if you want to keep your hands young looking. Rinse it clean with clear water, dry it off and let it air dry completely.

Use a dust mask and lightly sand the laminate. When you roughen it up a little, it helps the paint to stick better. Then wipe away the dust.

Always use a paint primer first, like Kilz and let it dry completely.

Then decide which color granite top paint you want and spray about ten inches away from the counter in even strokes back and forth trying to avoid any drops or pools of paint.

Let it dry over night. It might not be overkill to do it again a second time. You can use a heavy duty polyurethane for floors, since you'll be rubbing this counter quite a lot. I suggest at least three coats on it.

Make sure you tape off your area and cover with plastic because the spray goes up into the air and will get on your floor and other appliances.

Two cans of Krylon for $10.00 a piece. A can of primer for $10.00 and a gallon of polyurethane for $24.00

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