Dee Stove

By Dee Armstrong

You can spend a lot of money on a beautiful stove, but eventually, there will be a grease build-up.

I'm giving my seal of approval to a simple, very effect way to get the grease and grime off the top the burners and the grates of your gas stove.

It's an overnight job, but you can sleep through it.

Get a big bag for all the parts or you can use Ziploc bags and treat them individually.

I got a bottle of ammonia and a poured it into the bag. Then, seal the bag with the grates and burner and let it sit overnight.

Make sure you have some air when you open the bag, the fumes can be overwhelming and you need fresh air.
Some of the grime will literally fall right off. But, for the really tough ones you will need to take a scrubber and get rid of it.

Rinse the burner and take a toothpick if you need to push some of the junk out of the holes. In a matter of minutes, you can do what it used to take hours to do.

Now look into your cabinet and get some WD 40.
The official WD site claims the product removes splattered grease on stove and loosens caked-on food from stove.
Spray it on and let it sit for a few minutes. Wipe it off and don't mix with water, you'll get a milky white film.

When you get through spray some WD 40 on the hinges on the bottom drawer of your stove.

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