Museum Partners with Filmmakers on PBS Trilogy


Georgia – March 29, 2012:
The National Infantry Foundation in Columbus/Fort Benning, Ga., home of
a powerful tribute to U.S. Infantrymen through the ages, and Livingbattlefield,
producers of the groundbreaking World War II film trilogy, The American Road to Victory, have partnered to further their
shared mission of keeping military history alive.


museum, adjacent to one of the Army's major recruit training facilities, has
become a sponsor of the World War II film trilogy, which has aired more than
1,200 times on PBS affiliates nationwide.


knew, after screening one of the films in our theater on Veterans Day, that we
wanted to be a part of this,” said Foundation president Ben Williams.
“The films represent a great example of everything we stand for – real
history for families. “


is such an honor for us,” said Livingbattlefield CEO Heidi Lanni.
“Receiving support from such an important national institution tells us
that our decision to work outside the box of traditional war documentaries – to
look at war from the foxhole level – was the right one to make.”


films, which will continue to air nationally, take the form of battlefield
tours. Shot in real time in the exact locations, they are underpinned by
powerful veterans' testimonies, graphics and re-enactments. Presenting the
series is colorful front man, Ellwood von Seibold, one of Europe's leading
battlefield guides and an honorary officer in the U.S. Army.


viewers get the opportunity to travel along with Ellwood in his 1943 Dodge
command car from the blood-soaked beaches of Normandy, through the killing
fields of Holland, to the freezing forests of the Bulge.


Many war veterans featured in the series passed
through Fort Benning during the war.


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