Alabama lawmaker hopes to use Anthony trial to inspire new law

An Alabama lawmaker is using the Casey Anthony trial to inspire change to laws in the state.

Democratic Representative Juandalynn Givan of Birmingham says she has prepared a bill that would make it necessary for parents to report a missing child within 24 hours. The bill would also make it a felony for a parent, legal guardian or caretaker not to notify law enforcement within an hour after the death of a child.

Givan says the bill is a response to the not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony case. The legislator says she was concerned by testimony that it was not until days after Caylee's apparent death, that she was reported missing.

Givan says she will introduce the bill in the next regular session of the legislature, which is in February. But Givan says that if Governor Robert Bentley calls a special session, she will introduce it then.