The Dee Armstrong show coming to NBC 38

(Columbus, GA) WLTZ NBC 38 announced today the launch of a new locally- produced TV show for the Chattahoochee Valley and The Plains. Local media and advertisers were invited to a special kick-off party at Buckhead Grill to learn about the program, which is expected to debut in early January of 2011.

“The Dee Armstrong Show” is a one-hour program that will air on NBC 38 Monday through Friday from 2:00 – 3:00 PM. It will appeal to the same women’s audience as other shows in WLTZ’s afternoon lineup such as Oprah, Dr. Phil, and Nancy Grace. Studio interviews will be mixed with videotaped feature segments on topics of interest to viewers throughout the Valley for the magazine-style program.

Popular broadcast personality Dee Armstrong is the dynamic host of the new show, which she sees as filling a real need in the community. “I’m incredibly excited about our new show” says Dee. “It gives us a chance to provide a quality ‘local’ viewing alternative to women and others during weekday afternoons. We’ll have the only locally-produced show in the area in that time period, and we plan to knock the audience’s socks off with our exciting programming.”

WLTZ’s General Manager Drew Rhodes agrees. “We know we’ll have a big challenge to produce a quality program each day on the limited budgets available in a mid-size market like ours”, says Rhodes. “But with Dee’s popularity and the great production team we’ve assembled, we’re going to surprise a lot of folks.” Drew says his station has purchased some new broadcast equipment to give “network pzazz” to the local show, and he has “imported” some creative production talent to help make the show a success.

“Our Executive Producer comes to us from having spent over thirty years working in Los Angeles and other large western TV markets, although he was born and raised right here in Columbus”, says Rhodes. Robert Starling is a writer and producer-director who helped the NBC TV network in Burbank rise from #3 to #1 in ratings over a two year period, and who developed movie projects for the Osmond Studios and Schick Sunn Classic Productions (“Grizzly Adams”) in Utah. He also worked with Doty-Dayton Productions (“Where the Red Fern Grows”) in North Hollywood. “I’m really looking forward to returning to my roots in Columbus”, says Starling.

“I want to give back to my hometown community and help WLTZ change the image of “local programming” and boost it to a whole new level of quality entertainment”.

The Dee Armstrong Show promises to do just that. With Dee’s special charm and with daily segments on topics of every conceivable interest to viewers, WLTZ’s sales force is salivating at the opportunity to offer choice advertising spots in the new show to their existing and new clients. It’s a whole new day for TV programming in our television market.


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