Add Safety to your shopping list this season

The holiday shopping season is in full swing. But as most of you head out to buy things on your list, there are others who have something else in mind. NBC 38’s Maria Jones has a few tips to keep you safe throughout this season.

Tis the season for shopping and more shopping but before you head out to the nearest mall local authorities want you to consider adding safety to your list. Auburn Police Captain Tom Stofer said, “We want folks to have a good time but we don’t want them to get careless and let their guard down.” A few tips like keeping a watchful eye on your purse and valuables and not taking a lot of cash can save you in the long run. “Certainly don’t packages in plain view certainly don’t leave your purse in plain view. Because if it’s not important to you it’s going to be important to somebody and you’ll come back out and find that thing gone,” he added. Being safe as you shop is just as important as you prepare to leave. Captain Stofer says having your keys and cell phone and keys in hands, ready to go could prevent you from becoming a target and victim. “Safety is one of those things that you can’t just think about just once in a while. If you’re not constantly thinking about your personal safety you could very likely become a victim of crime,” Stofer explained. Captain Stofer says you should always watch your surroundings. And if something doesn’t feel right, don’t hesitate to call police. “If we can get into the area and apprehend the person or at least contact them and see what they are doing that’s a lot easier than trying to go in after the fact,” he said.

Safety Tips:
-When using debit or credit cards, makes sure to retrieve them from the cashier or counter
-Use caution when using ATM machines; make sure the area is well lit and the area is populated.
-Park as close to the mall entrance as possible.
-Use the mall security as an escort if needed.
-Always carry your cell phone to make emergency calls if needed.

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