Jobs Alliance Aiming to Get Jobs for Citizens

The cities of Lanett, Valley, and West Point launching the tri-city Jobs Alliance this week. Jobs Alliance consultant, Foy Fisher says he hopes to help around one-thousand citizens find jobs in the area. NBC 38’s Stefanie Tiso has more.
With about an eight percent unemployment area. Local government officials working together on the Lanett Valley West Point Jobs Alliance. Looking to get Kia jobs, and other jobs for citizens.
“It’s a great initiative. It’s a way that we can get to know each other better. We all share the same needs, and that’s getting our local folks to work,” said Valley City Administrator, James Bryan.
Each city contributing to the shared need for jobs. Bryan says local government officials discussed in several meetings. A need he attributes to the demise of the area’s textile industry.
“We find that more and more folks find themselves without jobs and without any Plan B,” said Bryan.
The Jobs Alliance makes Internet access easy for anyone applying for a job. Fisher says the alliance is also working to provide listings of available jobs in the area.
“It could be service could be existing employers, as well as Kia and the suppliers that are coming into this area,” said Fisher.
“This is a way to get people applying themselves to the great jobs that are available here,” said Bryan.
Trained staff and volunteers are available to help with on-line Kia applications, as well as applications for other local industries. Because accuracy in the application process is critical. Fisher says the Alliance will go beyond the February 7, 2008 Kia application deadline by at least a year.
The Jobs Alliance Centers are located at:
1. The City Hall and Municipal Complex in Lanett
401 N. Lanier Ave.
Contact: Kelly Hinkle 334-644-5266
2. The Valley Community Center and Sportsplex in Valley
130 Sportsplex Dr.
Contact: Sheila Still 334-756-5282
3. The West Point Technical Training Center in West Point
1122 Skinner Dr.
Contact: Jeff Reed 706-645-3537

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