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To allow booze at the movies or not to allow booze at movies?

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By: Dorothy Sherman

OPELIKA, AL - To allow booze at the movies or not to allow booze at the movies?  Tis' the question many Opelika residents have an answer for 

"I think that everybody else is serving it and everything.  Ain't no harm in it long as they maintain it and everything and go by the rules or something like that," Opelika resident, Lewis Reese said.

"I don't approve with it," Opelika resident, Linda Nolan said. "People drinking is going to cause more problems."

The new Carmike theater in Opelika is seeking beer and wine licenses.  If the Opelika city council approves a proposed resolution you could be drinking beer and wine while watching a movie at the Tiger 13.

"I wouldn't mind a cold beer or a glass of wine or something while watching a movie, but at the same time thinking about the kids.  I have a son myself so I don't know how rowdy that would get," Opelika resident, Anna Namburi said.

If approved don't expect to buy alcohol the entire time the theater is opened.  The proposed resolution has several conditions.  One of them gives hours in which the alcohol could be sold.

"Carmike proposes not to sell any alcoholic beverages in the last thirty minutes that the theater will be open and selling movies.  So that would be in addition to the city's hours," City attorney for Opelika, Guy Gunter, III said.  "If the city grants the license it is the feeling of the staff that there should be certain safeguards, measures, and conditions to safeguard against the consumption of alcohol by minors within the theater, and that's the reason for the conditions that are contained in the proposed resolution."

But, even if council doesn't approve the proposed resolution the Tiger 13 could still end up selling alcohol.

"There would always be a possibility that Carmike theaters could or would appeal to the ABC board for approval and the ABC board under Alabama law has the authority to overrule a local government such as the city of Opelika," Gunter said.

Council is having a special work session to discuss the proposed resolution on Tuesday, April 29, 2014, at 5:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at City Hall.  Nothing will be approved at the session, but the public is invited to share their thoughts.
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