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Defendant complains, friend takes the stand

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By Natalie Fultz

COLUMBUS - Sheriff John Darr was present as Lonnie Ragan described how he's been being treated by the guards.

"They push me. They snatch my tie on and off as I go out. They are misusing their powers, and I've asked them to stop," Ragan says.

Defense attorney Bill Mason says there has been a lot more security in this case than he's seen before. After discussing the issue with the prosecution and Sheriff Darr, Judge McBride decided to switch the two guards out.

Mason described a 2013 report on Ragan conducted by a forensic psychologist showing Ragan has  a well established history of mental illness.

But prosecutor Jennifer Cooley says it also shows that Ragan acknowledged his acts that led to Holly Hearn's death.
"The mental illness turns off and on at the convenience of the defendant," Jennifer Cooley says.

According to reports today, Ragan called police the night of the shooting.

"Once she started shooting, I shot, I shot back," Ragan says.

After Ragan texted his friend, Bradley Barfield, Barfield says Ragan asked him to bring him water.
So he drove out to Ragan's father's home in Talbot County.

Barfield says Ragan put the shotgun and vest in a black garbage back in Barfield's car before Barfield drove away. This is the same shotgun and vest other witnesses descibed seeing on Ragan the night of the murder.

Barfield cooperated with police allowing them to search his property. They found the black bag that contained the shotgun, vest and explosive devices in a storage area of Barfield's home.

Police found out about Barfield's connection to the case after Wayne Isaacs called in with a suspicion that his son-in-law who is Garfield, had hid something for Ragan.

Garfield borrowed a car from Isaacs' son to get out to Ragans father's property.

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