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AUBURN POLICE: Beware of telephone scams

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By: Dorothy Sherman

AUBURN, AL - The Auburn Police Division said in the past few weeks there has been three reports and numerous phone calls of attempted phone scams targeting Alabama Power customers.

According to authorities all the victims reported a similar Alabama Power scam.  Police said what happened to the victims all starts with an unknown telephone call.

"When they answer the phone, they identify themselves as an Alabama Power representative, and that the customer is behind on their payment or that they are starting some new billing system and they need to zero out their bill before 5pm that day," Capt. Will Mathews of the Auburn Police Division said.

The caller tries to convince the victim to pay the bill or else their power will be disconnected.

"And, that they can arrange to pay it by use of a pre-paid currency card like a Green Dot card or a pre-paid Visa or something similar to that or some other matter of untraceable money transfer," Capt. Mathews said.

Authorities said it's not unusual for telephone scams like the Alabama Power scam to happen in Auburn.

"One of the other popular scams is where you get called about a phoney lottery winning and they ask you if you want to collect your winnings that you just need to provide some information, they'll send you a check you cash the check and then send money back to them and then it turns out the check is a forgery," Capt. Mathews said.

So, how do you not fall victim to any phone scam?

"If you receive a phone call from someone who provides information that doesn't seem quite right, just pause.  Call the proper company," Capt. Mathews said.  "Call the number that's in the phone book or that's on your bill to get the legitimate customer service information."

So far none of the Alabama Power scam victims have not been defrauded, as the incidents remain under investigation by the Southern Company and Auburn police.

If you think you may have been scammed over the phone contact authorities.

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