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AU Homecoming Queen receiving attention after sharing personal story

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By: Dorothy Sherman

AUBURN, AL - It's been an experience Auburn University Homecoming Queen Molly Anne Dutton calls immeasurably more.  Just a few weeks ago Dutton shared a story she said she's honored to carry.

"My biological mom was a young married woman who lived in California.  And, through some series of events she found herself the victim of sexual assault and pregnant," Dutton said.

After her husband gave an ultimatum, either abort the child or suffer a divorce, Dutton's biological mother decided to travel to Alabama.  Where she found Lifeline children services.

"Lifeline is a children's services they provide counseling for women, different medical options for women.  And, so she can in for counseling and through that she decided to give birth to me," Dutton said.

Dutton was adopted through a closed adoption when she was two days old.

Her story has gained national attention, as she's become an inspiration to so many people across the U.S.

"We went to Texas A&M and we had families come up from Texas come and say hey Molly Anne you don't know us, but we live in Houston or Arlington and we saw your story and we are really blessed by it," Dutton said.

Dutton said she never expected her story to go national.

"Your words are a ripple and that is something that I've learned through this whole process and don't ever get weary or tired because you're saying the something over again, because you're speaking that to a new person everyday," Dutton said.

As Dutton is now a senior graduating this May in horticulture and looking to take the GRE, she said since sharing her story she's seen and received immeasurably more than she ever expected her senior year.

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