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Despite impairment, golfers keep swinging

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By Natalie Fultz

COLUMBUS, GA - Eighteen holes is what these players play, and the rules are essentially still the same.

But these golfers play the game a little bit differently with little or no vision at all.

"There's three stages, if you will, there's a B1, B2, and B3. B1, they are totally blind. They can't see anything. They may have lost that through accidents or since they were first born. The second is a B2. They can see light, but they really can't make anything out other than that. The B3's, they can see some images and things, but it's like there is a film over their eyes, and they are legally blind," Doright Korytoski, director of golf at Green Island Country Club.

For the 26 golfers out here, they don't see the ball like most golfers do. They may see the light or even the shape, but for others they see total darkness.

"I look above the ball, and I can see it, but I heard they are mushrooms out here and dry leaves...those look like a ball to me too. Once I see it (the ball), I can look above it, but once I make contact, it's gone," Jeremy Poincenot says.

"What I see now is what I saw back then. I visualize the ball. I visualize our environment and believe me it's one of the prettiest scenes I can possibly visualize," David Meador says.

For David and Jeremy, their visual impairment didn't come when they were born, it was something that happened after years of being able to see.

"A majority of my life I was fully sighted, so I had my license, I drove for three years, so I know what that world is like. Then to lose that and be legally blind it was very weird," Poincenot says.

"I am totally blind. An automobile accident when I was 18 crushed the optic nerve. It is a very difficult one on the family. It's difficult on the individual," Meador says.

Despite their impairment, the peace and happiness was evident among the players on the green.   

"Everything is going through different things in life. Everyone is going through tough times, but it's how we face the adversity in our life that determines our happiness. We're all out here having a good time. We are enjoying our life, and we aren't going to ask 'Why me?" Poincenot says.

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