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Eufaula Police kill man, mom questions why

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By Natalie Fultz

EUFAULA, AL - A lot of unanswered questions in the death of a 26-year-old Columbus man killed Tuesday in Eufaula.

Cameron Massey was allegedly shot four times by Eufaula Police just off Highway 431. Today his family is asking why.

"I was always taught they use the least amount of force, but they started out with the hardcore force that they had," Jacqueline Massey, mother of Cameron.

There are conflicting reports as to whether this was a routine traffic stop or a police chase that led what one witness says was about 25 police cars and even the police chief here.

Josh Kelly was the driver of the Infiniti that hit the back of a white truck.

Minutes later Cameron Massey was dead.

"It's just like you kill an animal and you pull off, and it's over with. Nobody has called me, nobody talked to me at the hospital. I don't know who shot him. What transpired up until that happened?" Massey says.

Massey's mother learned that her son had been killed from friends and neighbors hours after his death. Today she wants to know why she isn't getting any answers and why she still hasn't been able to see her son.

"The cops get away with a lot of stuff, and it's a cover up. But when they stopped the (dashboard) camera should have been rolling in the car, and if it was a shoot out then he should have residue on his hand. I want to see all this stuff that they say that they have," Massey says.

Massey says her son didn't own a weapon. Minutes before Massey was killed he made a panicked phone call to a family friend asking for the mayor's number.
"Whatever went down, whatever he saw, it must have frightened him because he called and wanted to know the mayor's number. Cameron called the Mayor of Eufaula. That's the last thing I know he did," John Jackson says.

"I want justice done, and the one who shot him I want him brought before a judge and a jury. I want them prosecuted to the fullest, and I'm not going to rest until it happens," Massey says.

NBC 38 contacted the Mayor of Eufaula and the police department. Both refused to answer any questions.

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