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Tomlinson: 'We estimate about $6.2 million per week'

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By Natalie Fultz

COLUMBUS, GA - It's day one of the government shutdown. Hundreds of thousands of people aren't earning a paycheck and here in Columbus we're seeing the effects.

"We do see a corresponding reduction in sales tax. People get nervous, and I hope again that message gets up to Washington that their uncertainty, their inability to come together really causes disruptions in communities all throughout the United States," Mayor Teresa Tomlinson says.

It's the first government shutdown in 17 years, and it's having an immediate impact on Fort Benning.

"If you're laying off people in that category it's really bad. Then you get a complex of going from crisis to crisis. That cannot be good on morale. It looks like we don't learn the lessons of the past," Ed Harbison says.

Nearly 70 percent of Fort Benning's civilian employees have been placed on temporary furlough. The Fort Benning Commissary will be shutdown starting October 2.

"We estimate about $6.2 million per week of total salary sales impact because of a shutdown," Mayor Tomlinson says.

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