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"No Firearms" Stickers are Popping up in Auburn

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By: Dorothy Sherman

AUBURN, AL - They're popping up on windows.  A sticker that reads per Alabama act 2013 283 no firearms or weapons permitted this property.  Recently, the Auburn Police Division ordered hundreds of these stickers for businesses.

"Anytime that you're on private property, that property owner or proprietor has the option to either allow or deny someone carrying a firearm on their property,"  Auburn Police Division Captain William Mathews said.

The stickers give business owners the opportunity to make their ban on firearms clear.  However, Capt. Mathews said businesses that do not allow firearms are not required to have the signs.

"They can certainly fall back on I have the right to ask you to leave, and then the patron that is potentially armed would be required to leave," Capt. Mathews said.

The sign you might see out is not limited to businesses. In fact, Auburn City Schools has recently put up the stickers at their schools.

"The state has asked us to put up stickers on all of our entrance ways reminding people that this is a gun free zone,"  ACS Superintendent Karen DeLano said.

The signs in front of the schools are the same ones businesses are using.
Dr. DeLano said the same stickers allows schools to be consistent with the community.

"Anything that we can do to heighten everybody's since of security and awareness of what we should be doing,  we want to make sure that we do," Dr. DeLano said.

Capt. Mathews said the police division is not promoting or advocating the signs, and said they're merely part of their community outreach.

Law enforcement officials said that those who do not abide by the business owner's rule on firearms could be arrested for criminal trespassing.

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