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Back to School Driving Safety

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By: Dorothy Sherman

AUBURN, AL - If you haven't noticed already school has started back up for many students in auburn, causing more congestion on the roads, and leading to possibly more accidents.

"Accidents tend to increase when students return anyway just because you have more vehicles on the road.  You have more vehicles in parking lots.  You just have more traffic," Capt. Lorenza Dorsey of the Auburn Police Division said.

In school zones drivers must obey a 25 mph speed limit only during certain hours.  And, drivers must be aware of pedestrian crosswalks.
Capt. Dorsey said drivers should plan to leave early to avoid this traffic.
And, keep in mind there maybe a new school zone is your planned route.

"Take for example College Street. You know we have a new elementary school there, Pick Elementary.  So, college street now, a lot of times that's the main road for college students, employees traveling to campus.  Now, you're going to have that added school zone of Pick Elementary," Capt. Dorsey said.

When sharing the road with a school bus Capt. Dorsey said that once the stop sign from the side of the bus comes up drivers on both sides of the road must stop.  Unless, there's a cement type median in the road.

"They can't pass school buses on that side of the road, where as traffic on the other side of the median can travel," Capt. Dorsey said.

Also, Capt. Dorsey said drivers should be aware of bicyclists.  And, said just as drivers, bicyclists too have a right to the road.

"if it's safe to go around the bicyclist you should do that.  But, of course the same thing applies as far as making sure you don't try to pass one at an intersection.  If you're going down the road and there's not intersection, and it's safe. it's fine," Capt. Dorsey said.

Capt. Dorsey said the Auburn Police Division is asking citizens to drive safely and be patient as back to school traffic increases.

Auburn City Schools started back Monday.  Classes for Auburn University students start Wednesday.

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