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Former Auburn Police Officer Speaks Out Against AU Police Division

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By: Dorothy Sherman

AUBURN, AL - Justin Hanners said the Auburn Police Division is breaking their own policies and establishing ticket quotas.

"There's a directive on a traffic enforcement that specifically says that the Auburn police officer will not have a quota, and that they'll stress quality of tickets not quantity of tickets," Hanners said.

Hanners started working for the Auburn Police Division back in 2006.  Then, he said everything was great at work, but in 2010 things began to change.  Hanners said the division began pushing a certain number of tickets for each officer to meet, 100 contacts a month.  This sparked Hanners to speak out against it.

"We're supposed to be protecting these people and their property and if all we're doing is sitting in a speed trap or sitting in a dead end street waiting for someone to turn into a parking complex without a blinker on we're not doing much to deter these burglaries. We're not doing much to make sure the kids are safe," Hanners said.

His story on alleged quotas, first released by Reason.TV, has social media blowing up.  Wednesday afternoon a fan page was started, supporting Hanners.  As of Thursday, the page has over 5,000 likes.  Joseph Forrester Warren, founder of the page "Citizens Behind Officer Justin Hanners" said people posting on the page have referred to Hanners as a "hero" and "WhistleBlower".

Setting quotas aren't the only thing the Auburn Police Division is accused of doing.  NBC-38 obtained documents from Hanners detailing the enormous resources solely into making sure Auburn University football players meet curfew.

"It was called the AU overtime detail,"  Hanners said.  "What it was telling us was that we would come in plain clothes and unmarked cars and we would be assigned to different apartment complexes that football players lived at. We were told that some of these areas would have allied barton security officers.  And, we were to kind of keep an eye on them and make sure we had an x amount of officers there, like they were supposed to. But, we were told not to interact with them."

Hanners said he also had to meet certain quotas like double-digit arrests, double-digit tickets and warnings while working as a bike cop for Auburn University.

"At this time we were ordered to leave campus. And stop providing security for them to go downtown to provide to police college students as they're coming to and from the bars and things like that,"  Hanners said.  "They basically looked at it as they're easy targets."

Hanners said he was fired from the Auburn Police Division officially last March for allegedly breaking a gag order.

The Auburn City Manager, Charles Duggan, released a statement Thursday afternoon that said the allegations made against the division were false.

As for Hanners, he said now he has blown the whistle he'll probably remain out of law enforcement all together.

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