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AU Students React to University Smoking Ban

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BY: Dorothy Sherman

AUBURN, AL - "It just hits you, and you're like ahh what is know...."

It happens a lot to Auburn University Junior,  Kaylah Hagler.

"Trying to walk to class or just sit outside in the air, and all of the sudden...," Hagler said. "Cigarette smoke is just really pungent, gross, and it kills the vibe a little bit."

But, soon AU students like Hagler won't have to worry about walking through the smoke anymore.  A new policy starting at the end of August bans smoking of tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, campus-wide.

"I feel a little bad for the smokers because if you do need to smoke that does suck for you, but it's not gonna effect me in anyway.  I'm glad there's not gonna be any smoke," Hagler said.

The policy is quite simple, no smoking anywhere on campus.  Unless you're inside your personal vehicle with the windows rolled up.  A simple, but some feel maybe too strict of a rule.

"Smoking is still legal," AU Senior, Stephanie Howard said.  "You can go to the store and buy a pack of cigarettes. So, I don't know if they should ban it completely all over campus."

And, with football season and game days approaching, another student feels the policy may never fly.

"I think it's more for show then for anything," AU Senior, Adam Dollar said.  "I think it's just to put on paper, we have a smoke-free campus, but I don't think it's actually going to change all that much."

But, either way come August 21st everyone on campus will have to find other places to light up.

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