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City pays $5,100 to investigate use of "N" word

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COLUMBUS, GA - A Columbus police officer resigns after spreading racially charged rumors about  Chief Ricky Boren.

The allegations first surfaced in a local publication back in March, someone claiming to have overheard the Chief calling Marshal Greg Countryman a racial slur in the men's restroom.

The head of public safety, Mayor Teresa Tomlinson quickly dismissed the claims on Gacebook  as "unsubstantiated"  March 24th. But she launched a formal three week investigation after she says she received evidence of a witness. That investigation revealed Officer Jeff Foxx , who had been terminated by Boren in 2009, was the man behind the rumor and has since turned in his resignation.

NBC 38 asked the Mayor, who just proposed across the board budget cuts, if spending $5,100 on a three week investigation over an alleged racial slur was really necessary.

"You had an elected official, a high ranking elected official, head of a public safety department, who who was alleged to be racially slurred by the head of our law enforcement agency," Tomlinson says. "It is profoundly troubling if it is true, clearly, and would bring into question leadership issues at the least."

Tomlinson says it was worth investigating even if the allegations were untrue, because that would mean  a sworn officer is lying. She says that is unacceptable of an officer who is on the streets, carrying a gun and testifying in court.

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