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Phillips: Who waits 3 weeks to report child abuse?

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By Staff Reports (Columbus, GA)- The gloves come off between the Muscogee County School District and parents alleging abuse.

Phillips, along with the school district's attorneys made public today a videotape of the incident in question between the 10 year old and a bus monitor this past February.

Due to privacy concerns the faces of the people pictured in the video have been blurred at the request of the Superintendent.

Dr. Phillips says the bus monitor will not be disciplined ...and was acting in a manner consistent with school policy. In an attempt to keep the child safe, the monitor used "blocking" to buckle the boy back in the seat. At the moment you see shoving, the child can be seen spitting in the bus monitor's face.

Phillips vehemently denied any abuse occurred telling members of the press "I want to say that categorically in my opinion and in the opinion of my staff and others there is absolutely no abuse of this child, contrary this monitor is trying to protect his welfare. "

"There wasn't any concern, serious concern I'll put it that way about child abuse or anything of that nature until 3 weeks later, now if I was that concerned that my child has been abused to the level that it was a criminal abuse, I think I would've done something quicker than sit around for the next 3 or 4 weeks," the Superintendent added.

Lisa Jenkins, mother of the 10 year old tells NBC 38 the family pursued legal action after the School District refused to fire the staff. "We need you to remove the staff and this is over, all you gotta do is remove the staff, they chose not to. They chose to hire a lawyer and choose to be where we are today. All we wanted was to remove the staff.  That was it," Jenkins said.

The Muscogee County School District did turn a copy of the taped incident over to the Columbus Police for further review. When contacted late this officer confirmed authorities are reviewing the tape and because it's part of an ongoing investigation refused comment.

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