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Budget Cuts loom, Congress Leaves

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By Dana Bash (CNN)-Members of Congress have packed up and gone home for the weekend.

And that means the $85-billion-dollars in across the board spending cuts will begin at the end of the day.

Lawmakers racing down the Capitol steps, bolting out of town for a long weekend.

This was before noon.

A full day before the hammer comes down on forced budget cuts they voted for.

(bash) "Is there concern that you all will leave town while these cuts kick in and you won't even be here?"

(griffin) "Well, the speaker and the leadership will be here. And I'm a quick flight away. I go home every weekend to see my family."

(bash) "You're on your way out... Are you on the way home?"

(hanna) "Uh, yes ma'am."

(bash) "So, you're not going to be here in town when these cuts kick in?"

(hanna) "If they call me back, I'll be back."

(bash) "But what do you think about the idea that Congress and you won't be here when these cuts kick in?"

(nats) "We got to go to the airport."

(bash) "You gotta go to the airport? Ok, thanks... Bye..."

Some Republicans whose party runs the House were unapologetic about leaving Washington until Monday.

"Well I think it's actually better when we're home working because the work we do there in my opinion is more important than the work we do here. Especially if we're going to keep spending money."

"This was his idea. The President's idea."

(bash) "But as you well know, most Republicans voted for it."

"I voted for it too because I think we have to get our spending in line so these are the things at two-percent, most families, most businesses back home have had to do the same thing."

Some lawmakers in both parties sounded as fed up as their constituents.

"I mean we could stay here, and if we were staying here and not passing a bill that's not any better."

(bash) "You're heading to your car, I assume you're going home to New York?"

"Yeah I think the sequester is crazy. I think the President should do more leadership and Congress should do more but just to sit here by myself serves no purpose."

Most House Democrats whacked Republican leaders for going out of session.

"It's an absolute disgrace that we're going home we should stay here until the sequester has ended. This is a stupid way to do it."

But Democrats do run the Senate and their last votes this week were only a few hours later.


Two proposals to alleviate the forced cuts, one Democratic and one Republican.

Partisan show votes... Neither passed, and neither was expected to.


(bash) "Would you keep the Senate in session or will the Senate not be here just like the House won't be here.. the day that these cuts kick in."

"We're in session. We're not going any place. We're ready to work. But at this stage, we don't have a partner."

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