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Woman evicted for 300 Rats

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By Emily Neubauer (WOAW)-

Darlene Flatoff was given her first pet rat as a gift. But, over the years authorities say the rats have multiplied.

They chewed right through the flooring.

One rat turned into hundreds.

It shocked me a little bit because usually people don't have that many rats for pets.

We can tell now that there's a lot of animals, because they peek through the windows and whatnot.

Court documents lay out this story that started in December. Portage County Sheriff's officers were told about a severe case of rodent infestation at flatoff's mobile home in the town of plover. They say after warning flatoff several times to get rid of the rats, she was evicted. And the town of plover condemned the property.

We've been on this from day one.

Now, her trailer sits empty, except for the rats.

Here's a nice hole and they chewed out the hole.

My plan of attack is to set up a whole mess of live traps in there. I'm going to be live trapping them all out and putting them to sleep.

Matthew Schneider owns Schneider's Wildlife Control. He says in his nearly 20 years, he's never seen anything quite like this.

The odor was rather potent. I mean, I just walked in the front door I didn't walk any further and the smell was overpowering.

Authorities say roughly 300 rats lived with flatoff at one time. But now only a few dozen can be seen.

When you get to this amount of infestation, they're going to do a ton of damage.

Newsline 9 tried to contact flatoff but she couldn't be reached for comment. According to court documents, flatoff said the rats were her friends and didn't cause any harm. Still, sheriff's officers say that's no way to live. And now, clean-up begins. And this exterminator has a big task ahead of him.

So it's pretty much along walls you want to set them.

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