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Former Governor Crist staying "true to myself"

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(CNN)-Former Florida governor Charlie Crist is making a switch.

The Republican turned independent is now joining the Democratic Party.
He announced the news with a tweet last week.

Now, he's explaining why he decided to change his affiliation.
"I just felt the need to go full circle. Really, it's where I feel a lot more comfortable to be perfectly honest with you. I was proud to be a Republican, the party of Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, who started the National Parks System. But, today, it seems the leadership of the Republican Party has become a lot more rigid, a lot more challenging. When you look at issues, Soledad, like immigration, they talk about deportation. When you talk about education, they defund it. Talk about voter suppression, they deny voting to people, and I just can't embrace that anymore and be true to myself....Well, there's a lot of cynics in politics. I think we all we recognize that and that's unfortunate. In order to be true to myself, I have to do what's right for my heart. and what's right for me is to pursue the things I believe in, the values my mother and father and the principles my mother and father taught me. I'm the grandson of a Greek immigrant who came to this country with nothing. America gave him a chance and an opportunity. This is a place where if you work hard, if you live by the rules, if you do what's right and be true to yourself, you know, the label is not so important."

You'll remember, Crist switched from the Republican Party to an independent in 2010 during his unsuccessful US Senate run.  

His latest move could be seen as an early step toward a run for governor.  

Florida Governor Rick Scott's first term ends in early 2015.

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