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Two sisters, two dramatically different Black Friday strategies

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By Sara Belsole

COLUMBUS, GA -   An estimated 147 million shoppers are expected to hit the stores for Black Friday, raking in an estimated $11.4 billion.

So when dozens of hot deals are at stake, it's all about the Black Friday strategy.

Meet sisters Alaina and Twilla. They may share blood, but definitely not a shopping strategy.

For Alaina, it was all about planning ahead and avoiding crowds.

"By the time we were eating turkey I knew all the stores I wanted to go to, I had a plan already set and I said I would not be outside with all the tents and the craziness," Alaina says.

But Twilla says she lives for that Black Friday rush.

"I was ready for the elbows up, wait, stop, the tents, the craziness, the people watching," Twilla says.

Since Twilla didn't need any big electronics this year, she says she gave in to her sister, and started shopping at eight Friday morning when the crowds died down.

"I feel like I have lost out, I love being with my sister, but there's nobody out here, what time is it? They're gone already?" Twilla says.

Twilla and Alaina were in the market for baby monitor, a gift for their other sister. Alaina said she knew shopping later meant risking the items wouldn't be in stock.

"There are a couple things that weren't available, but otherwise we are getting some really good prices," Alaina says.

Good news for the sisters, there were three baby monitors left.

And let's not forget sometimes the best Black Friday deals are the ones you spend on yourself.

"Normally I am used to asking someone if they need to start a fitting room and they say oh no it's for my daughter, but today it's like no this is for me I would love to try it on," Kristin Davenport says.

Davenport works at The Lizard Thicket in The Landings. This is her first Black Friday behind the register.

"We opened the doors completely wide and people just ran in. They knew what they were looking for and they got what they needed," Davenport says.

This is the earliest Thanksgiving we have seen since 2007, which means there are still 31 shopping days left.

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