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Will you be watching the Vice Presidential debate?

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By Sara Belsole

COLUMBUS, GA - Joe Biden and Paul Ryan face off in Kentucky Thursday night, in the only Vice Presidential debate.

 After last week's strong showing by Mitt Romney in the Presidential debate, there may be a lot more riding on Thursday's Vice Presidential debate than usual.

"This debate is probably more important than the usual Vice Presidential debate because President Obama did so badly the last time out, that Joe Biden really needs to kick start things," Dr. David Lanoue, Political Science Professor and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Columbus State University, says.

John Van Doorn, Chairman of the Muscogee County Democratic Party, says he thinks Biden is ready to bring that fire.

"Tonight Joe, who is really well know for hitting them hard, is going to give them heck, they are going to hear the facts and think it's heck. He just really needs to tell the truth and keep Ryan and Romney on the hot seat," Van Doorn says.

Meanwhile the Muscogee County Republican Party says the momentum is already in Paul Ryan's favor.

"I think there are as many people who are fired up about Paul Ryan as they are about Mitt, me included, and I think this could help keep things going, show that there is a plan," Joseph Brannan, Secretary of the Muscogee County Republican Party, says.

"Right now all the momentum is in the favor of Romeny and Ryan, but if Biden does well maybe they can stop the bleeding," Lanoue says.

An easy task for Biden, according to local Democrats. They say all he has to do is poke holes in Ryan's plans.

"How is Ryan going to pay for all these vouchers, how is he going to change Medicare, Social Security, the safety net as we know it and what is he going to replace it with?" Van Doorn says.

But supporters say Ryan can handle that pressure.

"He just has to come off confident and intellectual and not back down to the Vice President when the Vice President challenges him," Brannan says.

"We really don't know what to expect from Ryan. He has never been on this big of a stage in this kind of face-off," Lanoue says.

Both the Muscogee County Democrats and Republicans will be holding viewing parties at their respective headquarters.

You can catch the debates on NBC at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central.  

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