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Drivers for AU's bus system rally against their employer

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By Christina Chambers

Auburn, AL - Drivers for Auburn University's Tiger Transit bus system are rallying together against their employer, Groome Transportation for better benefits.

It's an internal issue that the Tiger Transit bus drivers say has been ongoing.

"I was told as in the contract that I was being hired as a full time employee that I was entitled to all the benefits and it hurts me to know that we were entitled to all these benefits but never got them."

For driver Cassandra Young, she's voicing her opinion openly, with the help of Auburn City Councilman Arthur Dowdell.

"These workers want to work, the economy is so bad, they're afraid so that's why they ask me speak on their behalf."

Some drivers are afraid of losing their job if they speak out, like this driver who wanted to remain anonymous.

"Pretty much everyone out here likes, driving, I enjoy driving, I like interacting with the kids, but I just want to be treated fairly."

More than 30 drivers have complained to their employer, Groome Transporation, demanding benefits like insurance, overtime pay, and vacation pay.

"I have suffered tremendously because I can't go to the doctor if I need to, my family can't afford to go to the doctor and I'm like what am I working for? I'm working honestly so I should be paid honestly."

According to Jared Churchill with Groome Transportation, rumors of an alleged strike this morning are not true.  Auburn University spokesperson Mike Clardy says the Tiger Transit buses have been running at 100 percent all day.

"I don't normally work twelve hours but I am today, but after my forty hours, I still get straight pay and that's not fair."

Young says Groome Transportation manager Vince Young spoke with her this afternoon, saying he would consider the drivers demands and hope to resolve the internal issues within the next couple of days.

Auburn University has a contract with Groome Transportation and they employ drivers for the Tiger Transit bus system.

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