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Local Republicans and Democrats weigh in on presidential debate

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By Sara Belsole

COLUMBUS, GA -  Both Muscogee County Democrats and Republicans held viewing parties last night for the first presidential debate. And while both watched the same debate, they both have very different opinions about what they heard.

"Governor Romney was on fire, he was firing on all cylinders, he delivered the message that I think he needed to deliver," Republican Senator Josh McKoon says.

"The President did an exceptional job. He wasn't as forceful as I would have like to see him, but he had substance and message," James Washington, the office manager at Muscogee County Democratic Headquarters, says.

An estimated 60 million tuned in for last night's debate on domestic policy. McKoon says those viewers saw a spirited Romney who overshadowed his opponent.

"Like I put on Twitter last night, If you are a Republican what you're thinking is, we can win this election," McKoon says.

Even some Democrats say Obama seemed a little too calm.

"I think they wanted the President to throw out more red meat, as they say on the Republican side, but we know this president and we know what he has accomplished and I think he has done an exceptional job," Washington says.

Now that the first debate is over, both sides say it's all about the momentum.

"He has got to keep that momentum going and I hope that we will continue to see the Mitt Romeny we saw last night, confident, self assured," McKoon says.

"It's back to the campaign trail and I would like him to focus on being more forceful to focus on the differences between his Republican opponent and himself," Washington says.

The next presidential debate is October 16 in New York and the third takes place at the end of the month in Florida. The vice presidential candidates square off next week in Kentucky.

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