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Driver arrested for driving with girlfriend on car hood

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Lawrenceville, GA (WSB) - A Georgia man arrested for speeding down a highway with his girlfriend on the hood of his car faced a judge Thursday in a bond hearing.

The man's lawyer argues what he did was stupid, but not a crime.

It was a crazy scene; people calling 911.

Seeing and even taking a picture of a woman clinging to the hood of a car speeding along I-85. The woman, Leidi Amu, became a sensation.

Amu explains, "And I was begging him, and I was praying to God to not let me fell off that car."

The driver was her roommate boyfriend, Jonathan Sala, who police locked up for aggravated assault. His lawyer put Amu on the stand in Sala's bond hearing, and she admitted Sala had stopped the car, but she refused to get off and then he got on the Interstate.

Defense Attorney Stephen Mackie explains, "What this man is guilty of, if anything, is grotesque stupidity. He's not guilty of a crime."  

Amu's mother, Viana Amu had pretty much the same thing to say about her daughter, who said she wanted Sala out of jail.

Viana says, "I'm very angry with her. Why you so stupid?"

Defense Attorney Stephen Mackie said he looked at 50 cases and couldn't find any in which driving with someone on the hood qualified for a charge of aggravated assault, even when he whipped a u-turn that could have thrown her off. The court let the charge move forward.

"I imagine it will be indicted. The old saw among lawyers is a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich," DA Mackie explains.

Amu said she and Sala were arguing at his apartment.

He needed to leave, but she didn't want him to go, so she hopped on the hood to stop him.

The judge let Sala out on bond. He is not allowed to go near Amu.

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