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Attorneys deliver closing statements in Lane trial

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By Sara Belsole

COLUMBUS, GA - The Prosecution rested it's case Friday morning after calling its last witness in the trial for Kareem Lane. Lane is accused of stabbing Jim Burns to death in 1992.

The Defense also rested, not calling any witnesses after its DNA expert testified earlier this week. Then it was on to the closing arguments.

"There is still not one piece of forensic evidence that links Kareem Lane to the scene," Defense Attorney Stacey Jackson says.

In his closing arguments, Jackson told the jury this case has too much doubt.

"There is no new evidence from 1992-2010. Nothing," Jackson says.

Jackson cites police missteps, the lack of eyewitnesses and inconclusive DNA results as the reason for all the doubt. He tells the jury the State's own DNA expert testified not to put too much weight on the DNA found on the knife handle and that there is only a possibility Lane's DNA is on the knife.

"The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Federal meaning unlimited resources, couldn't find any evidence to link Kareem Lane to this case," Jackson says.

Jackson also asked the jury how a 17-year-old boy who had never met Jim Burns was able to navigate his way through the home in the dark and kill Burns, not making any sounds or waking the dog.

Before Jackson began his arguments, Assistant District Attorney LaRae Moore told the jury they need to decide what reasonable doubt is, and that not all doubt is reasonable.

"Reasonable doubt means something that you doubt beyond a reason," Moore says.

She also told jurors that the state does not have to prove motivation in order to prove Lane killed Burns.

"I feel confident that you will find the State made its burden of proving this case beyond a reasonable doubt and return a verdict of guilty," Moore says.

District Attorney Julia Slater finished the State's closing statements.

The jury will begin deliberating Monday morning.

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