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Columbus Lions re-sign veteran DB

COLUMBUS, GA, January 4, 2017 -- Head Coach and Director of Football Operations Jason Gibson today announced that veteran defensive back Chris Smith has signed a 2017 contract to return to the Columbus Lions, now members of the National Arena…

Georgia beats TCU 31-23, wins Liberty Bowl

The Georgia Bulldogs capped off 2016 with a win in the Liberty Bowl. The Dawgs beat the Horned Frogs 31-23 to win their 30th bowl game in program history and end the season with an 8-5 record. UGA started the…

UGA fans travel to Memphis for Liberty Bowl

Seas of red and black could be seen in Memphis, Tennessee on Friday morning as UGA fans cheered on their favorite team in today's Liberty Bowl against TCU. "What's that coming down the track, a big machine in red and…

Scholar Athlete: Harris County basketball player, AJ Coker

With a 6'4" frame, AJ Coker is used to getting attention.   "I've always been the tallest kid and everybody always sees me and says oh you have to play basketball," he said. "I just laugh and it's always been a normal thing for me."   The Harris County senior is an up and coming name according to his head coach. His hard work ethic in the off-season has earned him a starting spot on the Tigers varsity squad. It hasn't been easy getting to this

Scholar Athlete: Columbus cheerleader, Christin Walls

Being a cheerleader isn't easy. Just ask Columbus High's Christin Walls.   "People don't realize how much goes in to preparing for a routine," Walls said. "We do workouts 5 days a week during the summer just to get ready to even be able to throw this."   It's a physical sport that requires a lot of time, strength and determination.  It may not look like a difficult sport from the outside, but Walls insists there's more to it than meets the eye.  ...

Scholar Athlete: Columbus volleyball player, Skylar Blackmon

Skylar Blackmon is a champion, on the court and in the classroom.   "It's hard to stay focused but that's just who I am," Blackmon said. "I am a student athlete and so I work hard at that every day."   Blackmon is a senior on the Columbus High volleyball team who plays libero.  She was a starter on last year's team that won the 5A state championship and says her time with this program has been an experience like no other.   "I lov...

Scholar Athlete: Marion County quarterback, J.J. Fuller

Sometimes plans change. Just ask Marion County's J.J. Fuller.   "It was really a crushing blow because I knew I was doing so well," Fuller said. "I didn't want to let down the team because I knew how big of a help I was to the team and helping them out and everything and I just didn't want to let them down."   The senior quarterback had a lot of promise.  In just his second year of playing ball, he earned the starting role and was eager to lead his t...

Scholar Athlete: Northside pitcher, Sidney Mathis

Nearly ten years ago, Sidney Mathis broke her arm while cheerleading.  That injury caused her to re-think her extra curricular activities.   "I decided to change sports completely and I started to play softball and I've been doing it ever since," said Mathis. It's a decision she doesn't regret since softball has become a big part of her life. But that arm she broke years ago is being used now more than ever as she uses it on a daily basis to pitch.   "It'...

Scholar Athlete: Shaw volleyball captain, Kianna Greene

Kianna Greene's love for volleyball started on the sideline.   "In middle school I was the manager for the volleyball team and so seeing volleyball, I really wanted to get into it," she said. "So I learned the skill and tried out my freshman year and made it."   Fast forward a couple of years and Greene is now a senior captain on the Shaw Raiders squad.  Her love for the game has only gotten stronger.   "It was my first time really being a ...

Scholar Athlete: Harris County linebacker, Gage Lee

For Gage Lee, playing linebacker has one major perk.   "I get to hit people almost every single play."   Lee was once a lineman who made the transition to linebacker back in middle school. But he has become the physical player and leader he is by taking part in another sport, wrestling.   "You learn a lot more about yourself as a person and that really helps transfer over to football because if you know more about yourself you can help more

Scholar Athlete: Callaway volleyball player, Breeanne Moncus

It's just another day of practice for Breeanne Moncus. She's spending time in the gym doing a sport she picked up a few years back.   "I fell in love with the way the teams came together and the way the energy was during the game," she said. "Especially on that last point whether it's win or lose, 

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