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Steve Jobs' Life Now an Opera

(CNN) -The life of Steve Jobs is headed for the opera. "The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs" is set to open on Saturday night at the Santa Fe opera, home to the largest summer-opera festival in U.S. The high-tech production, which… continue reading ›

Lyft to Build Self-Driving Vehicle Technology

(CNN) - The ride-sharing service Lyft has announced a dramatic departure in strategy. Friday, the company said it will develop the hardware and software to power its own self-driving vehicles. Previously, Lyft pursued partnerships with companies that build self-driving car… continue reading ›

Ford First F-150 Police Truck

(CNN) - Ford has revealed the first pickup truck specially designed for police. The Ford F-150 police responder is based on ford's FX-four off-road truck, but it has a few additional features. The four-wheel-drive pick-up extends the off-road abilities of… continue reading ›

Universities Unite to Save Wild Tigers

“Go Tigers!" is the chant you hear ringing across campus at Auburn, Clemson, Mizzou, and LSU. But, many students at those schools might not realize that the wild tiger is a dying species. So, Auburn University along with Clemson University,… continue reading ›

DHS: No Electronic Ban on U.S. Bound Flights

(CNN) - On Thursday, the Department of Homeland Security lifted laptop bans on flights to the United States. DHS says airlines and airports have complied with the first phase of Secretary John Kelly's security enhancements. Restrictions are no longer in… continue reading ›

O.J. Granted Parole

Shortly before 3pm Eastern Time the decision came down. O.J. Simpson was granted parole. He will be paroled after serving nine years in prison for a botched bid to retrieve sports memorabilia in Las Vegas. A Nevada parole board decided… continue reading ›

United Airlines Troubles Not Hurting Profits

(CNN) - Headline-making controversy is not enough to keep United Airlines down. A financial report released by the airline on Tuesday shows an increase in profits and revenue during the second quarter. During this quarter, back in April, a passenger… continue reading ›

Trump exhorts Senate anew to rid US of Obamacare

WASHINGTON (AP) — Lecturing fellow Republicans, President Donald Trump summoned GOP senators to the White House Wednesday and told them face-to-face they must not leave town for their August recess without sending him an "Obamacare" repeal bill to sign. Senators… continue reading ›

Limited Edition Birkenstocks on Sale for $799.00

(CNN) - What's old is new again and apparently more expensive. Birkenstock is offering a limited-edition collection of the legendary footwear. These shoes feature oiled natural leather and handcrafted buckles in solid 925 sterling silver. But it's going to cost… continue reading ›

Google Heightens Security Measures

(CNN) - Google wants to prevent another massive phishing attack like the one that targeted Google Docs users earlier this year. So on Tuesday, the company released new security protections. They're aimed at keeping users safe from unverified apps, or… continue reading ›

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